Trial spectrometer unit
Trial mirror production of the image slice type near infrared instrument, next-generation infrared space telescope.

Image slicer unit, which is part of the SPICA(Space Infrared Telescope for Cosmology and Astrophysics) project and is a prototype spectroscopic mirror, was jointly produced with Nano­Optonics_Energy inc.

It has been achieved high accuracy requirement with ultra precision technology.

Each spheres are different design.
Pupil mirror                                                                 

Taking advantage of STS by diamond turning, it is possible to machine multiple spherical surfaces with different design values.

In addition, the error of each spherical surface can be minimized By the same time cutting through one fixing.

Even the precision of the reference surface, which is the most important during processing and assembly, can be done in­house.

It is possible to significant timesaving by finishing every process in­house.


        Pupil mirror 加工

   NewView(Zygo)                                                                   UA3P(Panasonic)