3800mm die
Die coater used in fields such as lithium ion batteries, films, and liquid crystals.
Strict processing accuracy is required to achieve a uniform film thickness used in the coating process.
We can handle various shapes and high precision with accumulated know-how.

High­precision die coater that enables uniform and uniform coating, which is the most important of thin film manufacturing technology for liquid crystals and films.

We have accumulated a variety of materials, shapes and precisions in the production of this die coater.

We can manufacture die coaters that realize high­precision and high­quality coating by incorporating our original processing know­how,


Die that realizes high­precision and high­quality coating
High­precision die for coating requiring a coating film deviation value of 2­5%.
In order to achieve high­quality application, high accuracy is required for geometrical and dimensional tolerances.
Processing accuracy

An ultra­high­precision die that can be realized by concentrating crystal optics technology.This is the reasons why it is trusted to quantify and guarantee accuracy.


Material: SUS630 Tip: Cemented carbide

              SUS part hardness    HRC38­42

             Carbide hardness     HRA91  

             Straightness              1 μm

             Surface roughness    Rz0.05 or less (both SUS and carbide)

Features of crystal optics die

1、Manufacturing in the same environment with thorough temperature control from machining to finish grinding to accuracy measurement

      We will deliver a product with the required accuracy guaranteed by measurement with a  single drawing.

2、Make products that minimize changes over time

        Hardness management and residual stress control by a metal heat treatment technician

3、 Compatible with various materials

      It is also possible to produce with special materials such as titanium, quartz glass and ceramics.

4、We can also handle final finishing by lapping

         Supports a maximum length of 2,600 mm.

5、Grinding finishes up to a maximum length of 4,000mm


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